Ive been in a slump lately but that and talking a lot with my friend who moved away has let me be really introspective. i guess i feel like Ive dug around in my weird brain at places ive closed off for a while.

Its good. Its a good thing for me to think about who i am for a bit.

It made me remember the personal OC stories I want to make something of, and also what i think of myself and the way i identify. It makes me want to actually share things about myself with people, maybe not be so quiet all the time. 

Ive found a little more drive to find time to make personal art, and i want to start that comic about my bug characters. 

I just feel very confused about the last couple weeks. The distance makes me lonely, but the conversations make me feel more closer than before. Its just strange circumstances, but I’m okay with it.



I’ll tell everything I know
but it isn’t much

like percussion—
I guess it beats on a soul just right
hits the ears profoundly.
sound-stoppingly square and snug.
some rhythms need nothing more
than to be.

but they make ‘emself worth
blood and painted space,
and don’t we all just look for ways
to abuse ourselves beautifully?

they like little things.

glorious-ugly and humble
flitting around.

intricate, exact,
not like these bodies.

and clutch
the repulsive
like they’re the only one to love it
like no one’s near enough to loving you—

didn’t hummingbirds hear your mama say,
she wouldn’t “love you like that
liar in false form
because she knows you,” up-and-down?

but in-and-out’s a different world
that she can’t even see with reading-glasses on.

but god be my witness

they turn into bubbles
half the time we speak.
giddy in a pool
of soda-pop-silly reveries.

and that sits alright with me

cause the moon can shine all night,
but it doesn’t stop the sun.



Im a strange and mysterious creature.

Oh and heres before and after pictures of when we went to the electronic dance. crazy times man……

I got to talk to the blue skullkid a little bit and that Joel and Ellie are so damn cool. They looked so much like the characters that we all kinda double taked when passing by them. Then we were able to talk to them and that Cas and a few other cool people at the Masquerade and it was just really nice.

What cool people. I wish I took pictures of the other Masq people I talked to but this is all i got


SACANIME is tomorrow but for tonight safeway will have to do i guess…..


SACANIME is tomorrow but for tonight safeway will have to do i guess…..


If you live in the ukiah area and still haven’t seen Stranger in the Window, then what are you doing with your life??!

It’s an amazing play created by a group of teens called Repose in Action, with the wonderful savedchicken as The Stranger!!! soooo go watch it!!

awweee yeah.

Alos wanted to post some pictures of mE CHECK ME OUT (check out my eva shirt more like)

The show is Stranger in the Window and is showing at the Ukiah players theatre if youre in the area come see!! its very cheap and i think its cool

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Hella sick henna tat done by hella sick savedchicken .





At AX when me and my group were dressed up as evas we found a bunch of eva pilots

And then after a while we realized that there was no Shinji like we had everyone BUT the main character. and we were talking amongst ourselves about that and then all of a sudden a poor little Shinji peeked their head out from the crowd and i swear all of us saw them at the same moment and just absolutely rushed them

like we mobbed this one cosplayer in a giant eva hug and pulled them away from what they were doing and just held them in the middle of our group and it was just the funniest thing they looked so scared im sorry shingle

o: //sweats that may be me you’re talking about?? (and if not i feel really silly but i did get pulled into your group sometime during ax!!) 


WEEPS HELLO <3 i wasn’t scared more just nervous because I was so excited to see you guys ;v; i saw your wip pics on tumblr and i was like daNG I HOPE I SEE THEM and when i saw you guys i made my friend run over so i could ask for a pic and instead i was pulled into the group ;v;

HAHA GOD GOOD im so glad you werent terrified! it was such a right place at the right time thing and we were all so excited to see a shinji it was great

(this is my favourite picture of this it really sums up the whole thing!) 




A really nice interview of us by GeekWorldRadio! We come in at 7:40 and I talk a little bit about what we made them out of.  


Some more stuff got posted on thecoop. This is me talking in the interview and i REALLY dont like my voice but idk maybe you people want to hear it beep boop boop

Heres some quality out of cosplay pictures of the creatures behind TheCoop because thats where we REALLY shine. Chalk graffiti for life.