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Will you be going to Anime Expo next year? I know your experience was bad, but I will be sad if you guys stop going :( That's the only con I ever get to see you guys! :D

Yes we will be going back. It was the first year we had such a bad experience and I’m hoping that it will get fixed by AX 2015.

If anything it opened our eyes a bit more to other cons we will actually be looking around at other west coast cons as well. so its kinda a good thing!

we have a lot of friends at AX and they are worth giving it a second chance!

Anaconda by nicki minaj is the song we went on stage to and im really happy about it


We won an award for Best Intermediate Craftsmanship at sacanime!!!! It was really GREAT and amazing to meet a bunch of other riciculous fans like us! TTHANKS….

if a video shows up of us on stage we’ll be sure to post it!

Oh and heres before and after pictures of when we went to the electronic dance. crazy times man……

I got to talk to the blue skullkid a little bit and that Joel and Ellie are so damn cool. They looked so much like the characters that we all kinda double taked when passing by them. Then we were able to talk to them and that Cas and a few other cool people at the Masquerade and it was just really nice.

What cool people. I wish I took pictures of the other Masq people I talked to but this is all i got

Honestly i think the backstage dance party that we started with the other Masq people was the best part of the con. And I have video of it so i might post it

Im back from SACANIME!

It was a really nice con and actually surprisingly big. The whole place has a really good cosplay community feel to it, even if it only had a few large cosplays. People were very respectful and approachable and we all ended up talking to a lot of cosplayers and making friends.

And we entered Masquerade and won Best Intermediate Craftsmanship which is AWEsoME and the whole masq was a really nice experience because we talked a lot with other contestants and danced backstage with them and it was really friendly and great.


Portal 2 Chell character design line-up and environment art by Laura Dubuk.


Tomer Hanuka


I went up on the hill and got you THESE! (drawn in iscribble)

We are gonna try to get into sacanime masquerade because WHY NOT


SACANIME is tomorrow but for tonight safeway will have to do i guess…..


SACANIME is tomorrow but for tonight safeway will have to do i guess…..